A gentle, non-invasive exfoliation of the skin using a medical-grade scalpel to safely remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz without stimulating thicker hair growth, leaving your skin hair-free and beautifully smooth.

  • Gently exfoliates and removes surface dead skin cells
  • Removes unwanted facial hair for a smoother appearance
  • Enhances the effectiveness of skincare s by improving absorption
  • Stimulates new cell growth for continual skin rejuvenation

Dermaplaning treatment offers immediate results with no downtime. For best results, we recommend ongoing skin treatments every 3 to 4 weeks as fine hairs and congestion start to show again.

Frequency asked questions

Dermaplaning is a safe, painless, and highly effective exfoliating treatment aimed at removing dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs from the face and hands. Ideal for tackling dull, uneven skin tones and eliminating bothersome peach fuzz, this procedure employs a specialised blade to gently exfoliate the upper skin layers where dirt, small hairs, and debris accumulate, thereby instantly unveiling a fresher, smoother, and more radiant complexion.

Dermaplaning operates by gently and safely moving a specialised medical blade at a 45° angle across the skin, providing comprehensive exfoliation. A Skin Rejuvenate Skin Expert sweep the blade over the specified areas, effectively removing dead skin cells, fine hairs, and the top congested skin layers. By removing this unwanted debris, fresh, new skin layers are unveiled, resulting in softer, more radiant skin. Dermaplaning is appropriate for all skin types. Treatments are swift, with no post-treatment downtime, and results are immediate. We recommend recurring treatments every 3-4 weeks as fine hair begins to grow back and skin congestion reappears.

Dermaplaning is a gentle skin treatment and requires minimal pre-treatment preparation. Please avoid waxing and sunburn in the treatment area for 2 weeks prior. After booking and confirming your treatment, please make sure to complete the requested forms. On the day of your treatment, arrive with clean, makeup-free skin. Please be on time, or even a bit early, if you want to really impress us.

Your skin will likely be red, swollen and slightly tender after the Dermaplaning treatment. These side effects are generally a normal part of the healing process. However, if you observe any severe discomfort or lasting issues, do not hesitate to contact your Skin Expert at Skin Rejuvenate.

No, this treatment is intended for fine, often lighter facial hairs. We cannot alter the type of hair you have or that which will regrow on your face. If your hair was fine and light before the treatment, it will return in the same manner. For all patients, we provide a complimentary skin consultation prior to your first Dermaplaning treatment to determine if this procedure is right for you. For thicker and darker hair types, we may suggest alternative treatments.

For optimal results, we recommend scheduling regular skin treatments every 3-4 weeks, or as soon as you notice fine hairs and skin congestion reappearing. Certain additional treatments pair well with Dermaplaning and can enhance overall skin rejuvenation, such as:

  • Skin Peels – Dermaplaning can be performed on the same day as a ustom-curated skin peel. However, please note that stronger peels cannot be combined with Dermaplaning.
  • LED Light Therapy – This treatment can be combined with Dermaplaning on the same day. LED light therapy would be performed first, followed by Dermaplaning.
  • RF Skin Needling – While Dermaplaning and RF Skin Needling can be combined, they must be administered on separate days for optimal results and safety.
Dermaplaning costs $99 and is only available as an add-on treatment with a custom-curated skin peel, LED therapy or RF skin needling.

Not sure if this treatment is right for you?

Book a free consultation with a Skin Rejuvenate Cosmetic Nurse to discuss your goals and concerns and receive a free personalised treatment plan.