As we age we start to lose volume in our face, which leads to sagging.
Fillers enhance and contour the face by restoring hydration and volume loss as well as providing a lift to the cheek area.*

Our fillers are hyaluronic acid based which is naturally occurring in the human body.

Skin Rejuvenate Plump Cheeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Total treatment time is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the treatment. 5-6 minutes is allowed for topical numbing cream to be applied on the injecting areas.

The practitioner will complete a facial analysis of your face to determine the volume loss and the necessary injection points to preserve the contour of the face. At the consult, the doctor will discuss the injecting points, the amount of filler required and the cost. The product used will be discussed at your consult however due to TGA regulations we are unable to disclose the drug here.

At Skin Rejuvenate, we use topical numbing creams and ice for facial injection procedures to make your procedure as painless as possible.

Results may vary from person to person and depends on the cheek filler used. Most hyaluronic acid based fillers on the cheeks last between 6-24 months.*

There is generally minimum downtime for this procedure. Bruising and swelling is a common side effect of this procedure.* After treatment we provide the patient with a take home ice pack, this provides relief to any discomfort the patient may be feeling.

Prior to your treatment it is best to avoid any anti-inflammatory drugs such as fish oil or ibuprofen.

Price of the treatment will depend on the patient and their needs. Prior consultation with the Doctor or Nurse is recommended to determine final costing.


1ml dermal cheek filler $600

2ml of dermal cheek filler $1,200


1ml dermal cheek filler $500


$500 for 1mL of dermal filler