Where can you have liposuction performed?

Being healthy and looking healthy are two entirely different things. For the millions of us who diet and work out regularly but still don’t see the results we want, there is hope with the procedure called liposuction. While liposuction is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, or an alternative to weight loss, it can make you look and feel better.

Liposuction is performed to remove unwanted localised deposits of fat cells from the body. With the tumescent technique, large volumes of saline solution, local anaesthesia, and adrenaline are infused into the fatty area being treated to cause swelling. This enables a our Doctors to manoeuvre a small instrument called a cannula, connected to a vacuum machine, to suction away excess fat and improve body contour.

Using tumescent liposuction fat can be removed from areas such as:

Liposuction treatment - Skin Rejuvenate Day Hospital
Tummy (or Abdomen)
Liposuction treatment - Skin Rejuvenate Day Hospital
Love handles (or hips)
Liposuction treatment - Skin Rejuvenate Day Hospital
Thighs (inner, outer, front and back)
Liposuction treatment - Skin Rejuvenate Day Hospital
Liposuction treatment - Skin Rejuvenate Day Hospital
Results through liposuction

Tumescent liposuction results can be lasting*. After puberty, we do not create new fat cells. When you gain weight, you expand the fat cells that you already have. Tumescent liposuction removes fat cells to improve your body’s contour. Should you gain weight after liposuction, it goes to the fat cells that remain in your body. The localised fatty deposits that existed prior to liposuction can no longer balloon up out of proportion to the surrounding areas.

Liposuction is not a treatment for cellulite, although many patients do notice an improvement in the appearance of cellulite after the fat cells are removed. Dimples, ripples, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections remain unchanged following liposuction.

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Benefits of liposuction

You can exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and still have localised fatty deposits that are extremely resistant to even the strictest fitness regimen.

Removal of Unwanted Fat

You can exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and still have localised fatty deposits that are extremely resistant to even the strictest fitness regimen. Or perhaps you’re dissatisfied with the way your fat is distributed and would like a different body figure.

Minimally-invasive procedures like liposuction can precisely target and address problem areas to create a more desired body shape for both women and men.

Improved Self-Confidence

Our confidence shines through when we feel and look happy. When we look good, it has shown that our self- confidence is given a boost. Liposuction assists the individual to look more fit and attractive by shaping the body in a way that dieting and exercise has not achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but be mindful that all surgical procedures carry a risk of developing complications such as irregularities, infection or blood clots.

To be suitable for liposuction, you will need to be:

  • Physically healthy
  • Have a healthy BMI
  • Have realistic expectations of what liposuction can achieve

It is also important that you undertake the procedure for the right reasons.

Most patients are surprised at how little pain they experience during and after the procedure. With our post-op care, any pain or discomfort is treatment with a medication plan.

Depending on the range of areas being treated, the procedure can last between 1-4 hours.

Yes, for skin tightening you can have both Liposuction and Renuvion on the same day.


Final pricing will be determined after a thorough consultation with our Doctors. Pricing starts from $4,000 per area.

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Please book in a consult with our Doctor to determine if this treatment is right for you. The consult fee is $200.
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Liposuction treatment - Skin Rejuvenate Day Hospital

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion cosmetic technology is the result of extensive scientific research and clinical development. Because of its proprietary balance of helium and RF energy, Renuvion has been described as ideal for medical procedures where precision and control are key to an effective treatment.Since it was discovered to have a distinct tissue contraction effect due to its unique ability to provide controlled heat to the tissue. Renuvion has been embraced by Plastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons and physicians specializing in cosmetic surgery. These experts in their fields are calling it one of the most exciting advancements they’ve seen in the last 20 years.

How it works?

Renuvion delivers even, controlled energy with exceptional precision. Doctors use this novel technology to apply energy beneath the skin, causing a contraction effect that’s gentle on tissue. The effect of the treatment may continue to improve over time and doctors often report that the contraction effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure.

Want to know more?

Ask our Doctors about Renuvion cosmetic technology. They can give you more details about how it works, what to expect, and what other patients have experienced.


Prospective patients should note that results may vary from person to person and the outcomes of any treatment cannot be guaranteed. Your consultant will discuss treatment options and expectations with you prior to undertaking any surgical procedure.