The award-winning excel V was developed based on feedback from leading physicians worldwide. A solid-state laser system that incorporates two proven wavelengths – 532 nm and 1064 nm – to address more than 20 unique indications on all skin type. The Excel V laser system features the broadest set of capabilities for treating the widest range of superficial to deep vascular conditions, benign pigmented lesions and skin revitalization concerns.

Cutera Excel V™ - Laser / Radio Treatments - Skin Rejuvenate

Frequently Asked Questions

Excel V™ is the gold standard in treating common vascular concerns such as rosacea, broken blood vessels and capillaries, leg veins, spider veins, port wine stains and more. The number of treatments varies with the individual and the condition and we recommend a consultation to determine your individual program.

The number of treatments depends on various parameters, including the size, thickness and colour of the vascular lesion. Superficial vascular lesions are usually easiest to treat; some patients might see significant improvement after just one treatment. Since individual results vary, ask your medical professional about your specific condition.

Most patients experience a stinging sensation as the pulses of energy are delivered through the hand piece. Although no local anaesthesia or pain medication is typically required, some patients opt to use a topical aesthetic prior to treatment. Following the treatment, discomfort is minimal to non-existent.

Although many patients report few if any side effects, those most commonly noticed are slight reddening and swelling of the skin. Some patients may experience bruising and, in rare instances, blistering may occur. Consult with your medical professional for complete information on the benefits and risks of treatment.

Excel V costs varies depending on the size of the area and the condition being treated. Talk with your practitioner to learn more about treatment fees.

$300 per session.


$300 per treatment

How Cutera Excel V Works

Excel V treats vascular conditions by administering a unique high power green laser that is absorbed by the abnormal blood vessels in the skin.

The laser heats the abnormal vessels causing the vein walls to collapse and seal shut.

Over time, the vessels will no longer be visible.

Several treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

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Cutera Excel V™ - Laser / Radio TreatmentsCutera Excel V™ - Laser / Radio Treatments

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Cutera Excel V™ - Laser / Radio TreatmentsCutera Excel V™ - Laser / Radio Treatments