About Us

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Skin Rejuvenate prides itself on giving clients a customised, personalised and unique experience. All our staff are trained to offer you a friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where your needs come first.

We believe in building an honest and trusting relationship with each client and undergoing the journey with them to find their inner happiness.

Meet The Team

Dr. Varun Sharma
Dr. Varun SharmaCosmetic Doctor
Dr. Lewis Walker
Dr. Lewis WalkerCosmetic Doctor
Ankita S.
Ankita S.Managing Director
Alexandra Priest
Alexandra PriestCosmetic Nurse Injector
Kristy Charlesworth
Kristy CharlesworthCosmetic Nurse Injector
Mary Clancy
Mary ClancyReceptionist/Client Liaison
Meg Sinclair
Meg SinclairReceptionist
Emma Evans
Emma EvansReceptionist